Monday, December 10, 2007

no one told me . . .

that the first few months of my kid's life i would become best friends with his pediatrician's staff. good thing i like them :)

so far, we've had his initial 1-day old check, a one-week weight check, a two-week well-baby visit, a sick-baby visit for a cold/ear infection and a check-up today to make sure the ear infection is gone. whoa . . . and two more well-baby visits already scheduled before the end of february.

life is getting more stable and routine, which obviously, is good. we leave on sunday for indiana and i start back to work when we get back. so, life will be pretty crazy for a few weeks -- at least as far as routine goes.

i might be wrong, but i really think lukas is going to be a pretty intense kid (high-need, strong-willed, spirited -- however you want to word it). obviously, time will really tell, but he's already pretty intense. he is crying less as he gets a little older, and he's definitely sleeping better. but, he also does everything with gusto :) it's really crazy how i can already see so much of his little personality. i think michael is afraid of a strong-willed child because he's afraid of needing to spank lukas a lot. but, i've also heard that spirited children can be a lot of fun. they're often very bright and inquisitive and creative. and, also a lot of energy. buckle your safety belts! we are in for a ride :)

i'm really jazzed, too, because apartment life got the green light from fbd last week -- including handing me the position (i thank charles for that -- he really pushed for me :). i'm excited and nervous at the same time. i'm carrying quite a load right now and wonder how everything will flush out. i'm so eager to get things rolling because i know it will be such a great thing for teams from the church -- and a fabulous way to reach downtown. there are hundreds, if not thousands, of lost souls living downtown, people who need to know that Christ can provide the hope they long for. in my opinion, apartment life partnering with fbd is one of the best ways to reach those people.

i'll have a lot to adjust to when i get back from christmas. in addition to now being a work-at-home(ish) mom, i'm starting a new admin position at work (which will have me home parttime) and this new position with the church. my teams will pretty much stay the same, which will be good, but i'll be getting back into the swing with them. three new things is a lot to take all at once.

let me close by saying home much a love being a mom. even though lukas is pretty intense, i love him so much and wouldn't change him for anything! i love it when he smiles and recognizes me. and when he laughs at himself in the mirror. and when he's cuddly and falls asleep in my arms. it's so fun to watch him get excited at the toys on his play gym. i know times will be tough occassionally, but this has got to be the greatest job in the world. i love my little man.

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  1. Great post Katherine! You know, my sweet Justin was the same way when he was a baby. Let's just say that he was NOT easy going. But now, you'd never know! You and Michael are such a blessing for sweet Judah. I can't wait to meet him!