Sunday, April 27, 2008

Menu Pan Monday

welcome back to menu plan monday! i'm actually on top of things this week and have my menu finished before the week begins. nice, huh? as i look toward cutting back my hours at work, i'm excited to be more organized at home. that's definitely not my strength, but now that i have "more time," maybe it will happen some . . .

monday -- lemon-pepper chicken, rice and broccoli. michael had this last week while i was "retreating," but it's easy and he likes it, so i can make it again without complaints.

tuesday -- chicken fettuccini alfredo, salad. not the lowest-in-fat, but a definite favorite around our house. i've never tried this recipe, but it got some great reviews.

wednesday -- pepperoni pizza roll, salad. desiree introduced me to this recipe and we enjoyed it. it's pretty simple and my husband loves pepperoni -- it's a winner!

thursday -- texas BBQ chicken, green beans and rolls. my mother-in-law makes a grand appearance in our lovely state thursday afternoon. what better welcome could there be than a good southern home-cooked meal?

friday & saturday -- i'm leaving these open because sometime always happens to throw off my menu. and with momma c in the house, she just might want to do a little cooking herself. or, we'll go out one night. or we'll eat left-overs. you get the idea. if we need, i can throw together a chicken pot pie something.

sunday -- the balsamic chicken and spring vegetables i didn't make last week. miss clappyshoes herself will be making a visit (four adults and one baby will make for a crowded apartment!) for two nights before we're both off to retreat again (this time for three nights!) i'm really looking forward to spending time with her -- and showing off my mad skills in the menu planning/crock potting arena.

don't forget to check out orgjunkie for more great menus!

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  1. Your menu looks really good- Good for you that you get to cut your hours at work. You will enjoy more time at home to cook and organize.