Saturday, May 24, 2008

senor elefante

so . . . i changed our name. i know, i know. that confuses everyone and i might have lost two or three of my five readers. but, i did it. it's not like i changed my son's name or anything (well . . . i guess i kind of did that, too).

just wanting to protect our privacy as i dive more into the blog community.

so, why senor elefante, you ask? great question.

senor elefante is our name for one of my favorite of luke's toys. crystal and i named him while on a lovely camping trip earlier this spring. and, it stuck. i wanted a "creative" name that doesn't use our last name and, well, there you go.



  1. I, for one, LOVE the new blog name. And to think I helped out in some indirect kind of way?! Super sweet. AND, the header picture is wonderful. Senor elefante is quite a looker. We love you guys!