Monday, September 29, 2008

another menu plan

i haven't posted a menu plan since someone teased me about my planning. but, in order to enter what looks like a cool giveaway, i have to participate. and since i'm all about free stuff, here's my menu for the week!

monday: chicken pot pie (i love desiree's recipe!)
tuesday: michael is on his own -- i'm going to ladies' bible study
wednesday: pot roast
thursday: shepherd's pie (i'm jazzed about this recipe. it's made from left-over pot roast and both recipes are healthful)
friday: boot scoot & bbq at church (yeee-haw!)
saturday: chili, applesauce & cinnamon rolls
sunday: crockpot applesauce chicken & rice

so, i have a lot more to write about, but its hard stuff to write, so i keep putting it off. i'll try to post again later today or tonight.

enjoy your monday!

and for more menu ideas, check out org junkie!


  1. I just posted a chicken pie very similar to the one you linked! But our's uses a self-rising biscuit topping, but I even use Veg-all! Looks like y'all are having a yum and fun week!


  2. I've had the applesauce chicken on my must-try list for a couple of weeks, now. I hope you like it!