Monday, September 1, 2008

laboring away

shannon at rocks in my dryer posted this in honor of labor day. head over there to play along!

How long were your labors?
8 hours. not too bad for a first baby, huh?

How did you know you were in labor?
well, i thought i was in labor for quite awhile before i actually was (those silly braxton hick contractions. . . never had any until two days before luke was born). i knew i was in labor when i woke up from a nap and was still having consistent contractions. we knew it was time to head in when i took a nice hot bath and contractions actually sped up.

on a fun laboring note, joe and andrea were planning to bring us dinner that night. they came anyway and we all ate potbelly sandwiches around our table while i bounced on a birthing ball, breathed deeply and timed contactions. what great friends!

Where did you deliver?
at a birth center

nopers. all my friends think i'm a little crazy. maybe i am.

nope, thankfully

Who delivered?
our midwife carol with help from a great birth assistant, beverly. though michael actually caught luke and cut the ambilical cord. cool, huh?

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