Wednesday, October 22, 2008

in which my face breaks out from all the grease

sidenote unrelated to this post: today marks the beginning of my favorite month of the year -- the one month that we pay a low electric bill because we don't have to heat or cool our home. fun times! gotta love texas.

last week, we took luke to the state fair to celebrate his birthday. many of our friends have thrown parties for their toddlers -- and we've enjoyed attending those parties -- but the reality is that a party for a one-year-old isn't for the child; it's for the parents. and since we don't need party-planning stress right now (we've got enough going on), we played it low-key. (we will have a "family" party with aunt suz and her boyfriend this weekend, so cake-eating pictures to come.)
we had a wonderful time doing something that was for luke. since he loves animals, i figured the state fair would be a hit. and it was. we went through the petting zoo and saw huge cows, a long horn and lots of sheep and pigs and a camel. he got to pet many animals and was in awe of all the people to watch. while he didn't get to eat anything more exotic than a saltine cracker, he definitely enjoyed the fair.

don't you just love the joy in that photo?

i, on the other hand, decided that it isn't appropriate to visit the fair without eating fair food. this year, the texas state fair had a deep-fried first: chicken fried bacon. i can't even imagine the greasiness that would result from that "delicacy." i did ask michael to split a funnel cake with me. he wasn't interested. so i ate the entire sugary, deep-fried goodness myself.



  1. Phew - glad I am not the only to eat an entire funnel cake by myself!

  2. Happy Birthday Lukie! Being ONE is so exciting! Glad you liked all the animals!
    Love, Drew