Tuesday, October 7, 2008

photo fun

i've gotten several fun ideas from mary. if you don't read owlhaven yet, you really should. mary has her hands full with 10 (yes, 10) kids, but still finds time to tend a small farm (she calls it a garden) and write. you'll find her thoughtful and creative. anyway, here's an idea i got from her today . . .

go to the pictures file on your computer. open the 6th folder and post the 6th picture. i'm posting two, mostly because lukie's photos are in a separate folder and i don't want to neglect him. besides, many of you would rather see pictures of him anway!

this is actually the fifth photo in the folder. the sixth one was a cloth diaper and i don't think any of you care about that. i love this photo -- it's one of the first i took with my new camera. i was trying to do a photo shoot with luke and he really wasn't cooperating. this is one of the better pictures i got. he's about seven months old, i think.

this picture is from a couple years ago when i rode in the ms150 bike ride in honor of my good friend and co-worker tina. our company rides each year to battle ms alongside tina. it was the first endurance event i'd ever participated in -- and quite an experience. i'm the one looking over my shoulder toward the center of the picture.


  1. Thanks for playing! And actually, i would have been interested in the cloth diaper since I used to cloth diaper my little ones!


  2. Now I'm curious why you were taking a picture of a cloth diaper.

    What a cute picture to share, though.