Friday, November 21, 2008

my apologies to my loyal readers

wow. i had no idea you'd be beating down the door (heidi) to get the next installment of our lovestory. i almost feel like pioneer woman, expect she has thousands of readers. and i have, well, tens of readers. (i'd be able to get a better count on my readership if y'all would comment -- not naming any names, suzanne, rebecca or rudy.)

i do apologize for not having the next chapter up yesterday. i had planned to. just like i had planned to run 10 miles yesterday. and then, right after serving an early thanksgiving dinner on wednesday night to almost 40 of our neighbors, i got sick.

yup. the stomach bug that has been visiting our friends visited us. well, me and luke. michael seems to be fine. i'll spare you the details except to say we're on the mend now. even if i weight five pounds less.

so, i'll work on a chapter this afternoon while luke naps. look for it tomorrow or sunday!

in other news, we now have a beginning walker in our family. yup, luke is slowly learning to walk. he's not super confident yet, but he'll take five-ten uncoerced steps. i say uncoerced because encouraging him does not help the learning process. he's a little too stubborn to walk when we want him to. and, he'd still rather crawl or be carried, but he takes little steps when he's not paying attention to what he's doing.

i see an entire world opening up to us.

enjoy your friday afternoon!


  1. I would shout for joy on the walking if Nathan wasn't asleep! That is so much fun - get ready to say no a whole lot more :) It is funny to see what they get into though.

    I am sorry you have been sick! I hope today is a better day. I'm glad to hear the dinner went well - I prayed big time for it! See you Sunday!

  2. I love reading your story! Hopefully you feel better and can get back to typing! I have been stalking your blog for a few weeks.