Tuesday, November 25, 2008

to the confused (so i hear) souls in indy

as you may have noticed, on this blog, i call our son luke, which if you know us personally is obviously not what we call him in real life. it's a made up name for the blog.

i chose a "real" name as opposed to a nickname, because i figured it'd be easier for me to write (though, now i'm not really sure that would have been the case). i chose the name luke because i really like it, but it's not a "top contender" for michael for names for any future sons we have.

i decided to use a pseudonym for him because i'm trying to protect his privacy. i have no clue where life will take us when michael graduates from seminary, or life will one day take luke. while writing honestly, i want to protect and honor his privacy. most likely, michael will be a "public figure" of some sort, even if it's just small-town locally. our family might really have a fish-bowl feel. i don't want to make that worse through my blog.

and so, you'll never find our last name on our blog, either.

its just a personal decision for our family.

make sense?


  1. im guessing youve had questions about it?

  2. Ahh yes, makes perfect sense. We've been pondering it. Lol. Thank you for the explanation. :)

  3. Makes sense to me. Emma's not my daughter's real name, either. But I like the name Emma - I like the name Luke, too. : )