Friday, April 24, 2009

two under two

i think i've hit the stage in pregnancy when people men aren't afraid to "guess" that i'm with child.

women have been noticing for weeks already.

i took luke to the grocery this week rather early on tuesday morning. he's a great shopper at this age, makes eyes at all the older ladies and generally gets along with everyone. at 8:30 in the morning, we can fly through the store and be home in less than an hour. even with a good shopper, it's best for everyone involved.

this week, luke and my pregnant belly got us a good bit of attention. in addition to the normal glances and smiles, as we were paying and having the groceries bagged, an older asian man waited for us so he could walk out with us.

though i tried to listen closely, his english was rather broken and i struggled to understand him. he asked luke's age and about the baby. i might have told him i'm having twins. he made me a little uncomfortable as we got closer to our car and he insisted on touch luke's hands. but he finally said good-bye and went on his way.

after i finished loading the car, i started to take my cart to the corral. halfway there, a mid-30s-ish man offered to take my cart to the corral for me, noticing that i had my hands rather full with a little squirmer. i thanked him, but was surprised at the attention.

i feel compelled to add, i wasn't wearing my wedding rings, y'all (it was one of those days of pregnancy when it was too uncomfortable).

you think that had anything to do with it?


  1. a middle-aged man tried flirting w/ me at menards when keaton was about 9 months old and i was CLEARLY pregnant with sienna. i HAD my wedding ring on, but apparently he cared not.

    i can't remember the exact conversation, but i remember he was very bold. i *think* he actually ASKED me out.

    it was. so. weird.

    and gross.

  2. Some men just can't resist "the glow" or a belly.

    I've never understood the obsession with the giant belly. Most be some genetic thing that attracts them to fertility?!?

    I always had more problems with wierd women trying to touch me and the babies.

  3. People are just wierd I think! Anything goes these days!

  4. I couldn't wear my rings the last 3months of pregancy with E and then for months afterwards...too funny.

  5. i so remember what you're going through when i was expecting 2 under 2. it's different when it's 3 under 3 though. people are definitely looking, but they don't make eye contact or talk to my kiddos nearly as much!

  6. haha - that's funny. I was with a pregnant co-worker yesterday and a random woman (she didn't know) came up to her and started rubbing her was awkward. So I asked her if she gets that a lot and she said yes - the worst has been one time a guy (she didn't know) got down on his knees in a public hall and started rubbing her belly and "talking" to the baby! She told him that was inappropriate and not to do it again!! so beware...