Monday, July 27, 2009

you're right!

obviously, i've been thinking a lot about cheerio's gender lately. (keep voting in the poll -- and leaving comments!) i thought i would share this funny story with you. lisa belkin, at the ny times blog, mother lode, shared a story about a doctor who was reknown for making accurate gender predictions of babies...

what was his method? he guessed! then, he would write the opposite gender in the patient's chart. when the baby was born, the parents either marvelled that the doctor was right, or told him he had guessed wrongly. in case of the latter, the old doctor would simply show them the chart and say they must have been mistaken because he'd written down his guess.

either way, the parents were amazed that he was "correct."

how's that for ethical?

happy monday, everyone!


  1. I vote "girl"- no great reason. I'll also write down my prediction at home and show it to you in about a month. :):)

  2. I vote girl... maybe because I think Michael needs a little girl. Of course, Luke's pretty stinkin' cute, so a boy would be great too, but I'm still going with pink. :-)

  3. grrr, i thought maybe you had figured it out.