Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"resting in Jehovah
heart are truly blest --
finding in his presence
perfect peace and rest."

i wish i knew the title of that hymn . . .

i am tired. overwhelmed. and, this week, overcommitted. i don't like when i find myself in a place like this. you know, when you all of a sudden realize you said yes to too many people . . . but, it's too late to go back. i didn't realize i was overcommitted until i was too far in to turn around.

i am tired. i need the rest of Jehovah.

i'm really excited about the changes i'm going through at work. i'm eager to see a "different" side of AL and to have a change of pace with different responsibilties. but, it's still overwhelming. i don't feel competent in many areas.

i've been encouraged by the book of joshua. it's neat to me to see the changes joshua went through during the book. during the first chapter alone, God tells him three or four times, "do not be anxious or afraid, don't be discouraged or dismayed." he must have been pretty scared to lead the large band of israelites. but, God continually reveals himself to joshua and "fights" for him on many occassions. in fact, he even rains down large stones to "smite" the enemy! by the end of the book, joshua is encouraging others not be afraid and reminding them of how the Lord fought for them.

i kind of feel like i'm in joshua's sandals for these next eight weeks. i'm feeling pretty anxious about some things and don't really know how to lead our small band of ADs. i'm looking forward to seeing how the Lord fights for us . . . by the end of these two months, i want my faith and confidence to have grown, so that i am encouraging others to not be afraid.

"worry does not rob tomorrow of it's sorrow, it robs today of it's strength." ~corrie ten boom

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