Friday, April 6, 2007

Whomp-whomp. Whomp-whomp.

What an amazing sound. Wednesday, we had our 12-week OB appointment. This early in pregnancy, it can be heard to hear the baby's heartbeat and so I was trying not to get too excited -- I didn't want to be disappointed if Dr. Smith couldn't find it.

She came into the room where I was already sitting on the table and asked how we were doing. The next words out of her mouth were, I have a patient about to push, so if I get a phone call and have to rush out, that's why. Initially, I was bummed. I was afraid she would be too rushed to find a little heartbeat if it wasn't immediately present.

But, Dr. Smith came through for us. She was extremely patient and took, what felt to me like, a long time running the doppler around my lower abdomen. All Michael and I could hear were the woooooshes and gurgles of my stomach. But, everytime she thought she was getting close she would close her eyes and purse her lips, listening really intently. And then she said, There it is. For half a second, we didn't hear anything. And then . . .

Whomp-whomp. Whomp-whomp. whomp-whomp.

Special K's heart is beating strong around 140-150 bps. The baby was a little bugger hiding from us, but from the heartbeat is doing very well.

What an amazing sound!

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  1. Aah! I love that! What a precious moment. Keep me updated. I want to hear about everything, except for your gagging while brushing your teeth, brings back too many memories. Love ya lots! Also, I have some great names picked out for you guys. I was thinking Desiree' Jr. just kidding. . .