Sunday, August 5, 2007

for anyone who reads my blog (i know i have two readers), i'm waaaaaaaay overdue for a post, huh?

it has been a crazy summer -- and i'm quite thankful it's almost over. michael as been taking hebrew 1 & 2 for the last nine weeks and we are both ready for it to be done. we've made it through the classes, but i don't think i would ever recommend someone take a language during the summer. it's too tough. he studies all the time -- which wouldn't be bad if we were a "normal" family, but we have lots of other things going on . . . CARES, his tutoring, and most importantly, getting ready for a new little one.

while hebrew has been intense, pregnancy has been mostly easy. i say mostly because at an appointment five weeks ago, midwife carol measured me six centimeters ahead of where i should have been (roughly six weeks ahead). this was pretty scary at first, because it means things could have been wrong with me or the little guy. but, through a bunch of blood tests (i don't do well getting stuck) and an ultra sound, they determined i just have more amniotic fluid than "normal"and we both appear to be okay. so, instead of looking like i'm almost 30-weeks preggers, i look about 36 weeks. and, unfortunately, feel 36 weeks. i'm wondering what will happen when i reach 38 or 40 weeks! :) can anyone tell me what it feels like to be 46 weeks pregnant?

because of all that, we get to have another ultra sound tomorrow just to check me and baby. this one is a "high tech" one -- and michael thinks it will be 3D!! at the very least, we'll get an incredible photo of our little boy. if i remember (and can figure out how), i'll post a picture.

i got to go to indiana last weekend (i tell you, it's been a busy summer!). it was a blitz of a trip: gabby and i drove friday, had a shower for the baby and attended a wedding on saturday, went to church and had another shower on sunday, drove home on monday. it was so fun to be with our family and friends!

most notably for me, though, was how i felt about indiana. if we stay in the u.s. after graduation, michael would really love for us to move back to the midwest at the very least (preferably, indiana). i've never been super open to it -- prefering instead to live an "adventure" in colorado or someplace else. but, if i was honest, i thought i was too cool for indiana -- seriously, it's just not a romantic, from the storybooks place to live.

however, indiana thoroughly recaptured my heart last weekend. i couldn't believe how much i just loved driving across the state line -- seeing the big, huge trees and the wide open corn fields. like it or not, indiana is home for me and i would move back there in a heartbeat, if that's where michael wants to go (and God leads us). in fact, i think i would be very disappointed to move anywhere else.

indiana is in my blood!

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  1. well, counting me you have at least 3 readers! your writing is always captivating & so good. thanks for making time to blog & share your life with me!