Sunday, August 12, 2007

Grrrrrrr . . .

i think i just need to take a second to vent -- and to ask y'all to pray for my attitude.

two years ago when michael and i decided to come to dts and fundraise, we put ourselves under the authority of an organization that would allow michael to get paid (by our friends) for volunteer ministry. overall, it's been a really great thing for us. our friends get a tax-deductible statement for their gifts and we clear enough money through this organization to pay for michael's education.

well, recently, they slapped down a lot (and i mean, a lot) of new rules that i don't like. for example, we are now required to use specific wording when we thank our partners, we must use a specifically formatted newsletter (*whining* but i like the one i designed), only michael can write our newsletters, and every newsletter we send must be sent to the organization. there are other things, but i think these are the ones i dislike the most.

perhaps you think these things are no big deal. they probably aren't really. one the thing that really bugs me is that i don't feel like we were given reasons for these changes. the other thing that annoys me is that we've had quite a bit of freedom for two years and now, bam. we've suddenly (for what appears to be no reason) been restricted.

so, i need y'all to pray for my attitude. for at least the next semester, we are still under the authority of this org. i really, really don't want michael to decide to leave because i whine and complain too much. if we decide to take a different route in fundraising, it needs to be because God is leading us (michael, specifically) that direction. and, it needs to be His timing, not mine. i would be done now, but we would lose quite a bit of money that is sitting in our account. it's also possible that we would lose donors who like the tax deduction. so, we really need God to make it clear if we're to go.

it's a good thing my husband is a little more clear-headed than i am about these things. i just get a little stubborn!

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