Monday, May 26, 2008

picnicing on sandy towels

i was thinking this morning about what our summers were like as i was growing up. for most of my childhood, our small town didn't have a public swimming pool. instead, my mom took us about a mile down the road to a little lake with a sandy beach. there i learned to fish and swim, jumped of the high dive on the dock and ate many frozen snickers and drumsticks. we often would head to the lake mid-morning and stay through the afternoon, picnicing on sandy towels by the shore.

i didn't realize how excited i'd be for luke's first summer. this weekend marked the kick-off to the summer and we enjoyed playing and swimming in joe and andrea's pool. lukie loves to float and kick his little legs and splash around. i'm looking forward to spending many lazy afternoons in our own pool!

but, this summer i'm most excited to take lukas to the real beach. my parents have always wanted to rent a beach house and have all the girls meet up for a family vacation. so, they graciously rented the house and we're all heading to litchfield beach, south carolina for a week of fun and sun. my parents have pictures of me sitting on the beach in a little sunhat and baby swimsuit when i was only a few months older than lukie will be. this summer, he'll be sitting on the beach in his own sun hat and baby swim trunks. i cannot wait for him to see the ocean and play in the sand. to splash with mommy and daddy in the waves. to play all afternoon, picnicing on sandy towels by the shore.

we're looking forward to a fantastic "first summer!"

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