Tuesday, May 27, 2008

twenty things i will never do

1. give up my addiction to popcorn and m&ms

2. run a six-minute mile

3. beat michael at chess without cheating

4. ask lukas if he wants a pet tarantula

5. buy lukas a pet tarantula

6. say, no thanks, when michael offers to buy me a starbucks drink

7. recommend a married graduate student take two semesters of greek or hebrew during the summer

8. regret michael's decision to take two semesters of greek and hebrew two consecutive summers

9. smoke cigarettes (candy cigarettes from the 80s don't count)

10. say to one of our children, daddy should help you with that spelling assignment

11. say to one of our children, don't bother your dad; i'll help you with your calculus homework

12. let lukas take his pink woobie (aka pacifier) out of the house

13. forget where i might be were it not for the grace of God

14. save more than $100 in "personal spending money"

15. be overheard saying, please pass the escargo

16. choose taco bell when michael asks where i want to go for dinner -- blech!

17. be to old to finger paint, color or make other creative "messes"

18. stop loving great music and singing along to my favorite songs

19. regret that i said yes when michael asked me to marry him

20. doubt that God is always righteous, always faithful, always good -- even when i don't understand
so, what would you never do?

for more twenty things fun, check out boomama's list.


  1. You've inspired me - I'm now planning my top 20 list!

  2. Hey Katherine! I'm glad you got in touch and left your blog. I didn't know what I did with your contact info before!!! Lukas is just beautiful - wow. I love your top 20 list... I'll have to think about this! What is your email address please?

  3. I loved this!! :) I'm so glad you delurked. I enjoyed my visit here. :) You are so pretty!! Love your photo.

  4. I really liked Boo Mama's list too. Glad you made your own- great list!!