Saturday, August 16, 2008

where i'm from

I am from the apple orchard and rows of corn and pole beans and giant pumpkins, from Tony the Tiger’s Grrrrrrreat Frosted Flakes and rainy summer afternoons trying to beat Super Mario Bros Three.

I am from the blue and brick home filled with the children’s laughter, with enough front yard to play kickball or football.

I am from lightening bugs on summer evenings and chiggers on early morning strolls. From a cold splash through the small ravine, from crickets singing their sleepy song late into the night.

I am from gingerbread houses and spontaneity, from Aubrey and Mildred and Joe and Gertrude and Jon and Gloria, scientific minds and hard-workers and fun-lovers.

From “pretty is as pretty does” and “take it easy greasy; you’ve got a long way to slide.”

I am from AWANA leaders and Bible Study teachers who believe salvation is a gift from God. And the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Fred.

I'm from Midwest suburbia, the Kentucky hills and Ohio plains and South Carolina farms. From Great Britain. From stove-popped popcorn and homemade ice cream topped with fresh peaches and blueberries. From Mickey and Minnie Mouse pancakes made only by Dad on lazy Saturday mornings. From apple cider pressed with friends before school starts again.

From Gandy who read me the comics as our skin stuck to the green vinyl chair, the proper Grandmother who believed that karate wasn’t a sport fit for girls and from Grandma Helen who shared her love for strawberry milkshakes and memories of the grandfather I never knew as I sat on the edge of her bed and played my guitar.

I am from the wonder of watching a Polaroid process, square photos tucked casually in storage boxes, carefully laid in photo albums, and lovingly created into scrapbooks. From frames and pages where faith and family are treasured above all else.

interested in writing your own "Where I'm From" poem? check out the format here.


  1. Collin and Stephanie PoageAugust 18, 2008 at 9:50 PM

    Wow. This was beautiful. What a keepsake poem for you and your family! I loved this post.

  2. Did you create the top part? LOVE IT! Mine did what yours did at first but you may like it that way - if you do not click shrink to fit before you put the picture on the blog, it is pretty big. Let me know if you need help. I love it how it is! See you tonight!

  3. Your little one is looking so so so grown up!

  4. Im working on it as we speak - every time I come to the computer I write a little. Here is hoping I get it done by the end of the week!