Sunday, July 12, 2009

how i met your father: our love story, part xv

before i could grasp what was happening, my knight was on his knee, holding my hand. even though i knew it was coming, i was stunned. oh my gosh! this is it!

i love you, he said. i’m a poor college student and i can’t afford a ring. but i want to know if you’ll be my wife.


in half a second, i threw my arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. i was so happy that i almost forgot to say yes!

yes! absolutely! nothing would thrill me more. the fact that he wasn’t giving me a ring didn’t matter at all.

we stayed in the gazebo for awhile, dancing to the cd he’d mixed of our favorite love songs and staring starry-eyed at each other. we sure thought we were in love. it was enough for the moment.

after awhile of googley-eyed bliss, we blew out the candles, collected the roses and cd player and started back to the car, leaving the gazebo as a testament of love, declared for the first time that night. we loaded the car, hesitant to leave and bring anyone else into our world.

michael leaned against the car, reached into his pocket and casually said, here’s your ring.

i held out my hand, expecting the bulky ring he’d removed earlier in order to better hold my hand. instead, he placed in my palm a beautiful, simple diamond engagement ring. i gasped in the light of the street lamp lining the park road.

i looked up into his face. really?! i asked. i was stunned. i would have married you without it.

he smiled and his eyes danced. i know, was all he said.

it was perfect. both the night and the ring.