Friday, July 17, 2009

ding-ding, all aboard!

friday morning, michael had the fabulous idea to take luke on a free trolley ride through town. round-trip is only about 40-minutes, so we knew the little guy could handle it. as an added bonus, the adults had fun, too.

the trolley we rode was air-conditioned (yay!) and originally built in the 1920s in australia. random, huh? once it was retired in sydney in the mid-1980s, it made it's way to dallas.

our trolley "operator" (he corrected me when i called him driver) was random, too. he's been an operator for 50-ish years, he said. while he was personable, michael and i decided it takes a special person to become a trollery operator. i'm sure driving the same 40-minute route all day long gets old.

the woodwork in the trolley was beautiful!

luke loves trains, and loves to say "choo-choo!" by the end of our trip, i think i'd convinced him that "ding-ding!" is just as cool. what a fun family outing!


  1. That is so cool. We took the trolley when we were down at Galveston a few years back. It was NOT air conditioned though. Aren't boys fun?!

  2. oooh, we may try that this week!

  3. When I grew up in the Philadelphia area, "real trollies" still existed. (Nowadays, they may CALL them trollies, but they're busses.)

    I loved to hear the snapping from the wires.

    Thanks for bringing back memories.