Friday, October 16, 2009

in which i keep reminding myself, i AM a runner

i casually started working out again a couple weeks ago. by casually, i mean i took walks with the kids. and, last week, i even walk-jogged on treadmill (meaning, i walked more than i jogged).

but yesterday? yesterday was the day. the day i laced up my shoes and decided to run outside. run is a term i use loosely right now. merely seven weeks after birthing a beautiful baby. the first time in ten months. ladies (and Dad), it was tough.

i non-ran for 30 minutes, but didn't even hit three miles, a fact that will not be repeated on this blog. i am sloooooooow, y'all. i ran along my normal route, remembering the sidewalk cracks and places the pavement needs to be repaired. it was a muggy afternoon and i was sweaty before i hit the first corner. i felt very un-attractive, what all red-faced and glistening in my form-fitting fitness attire.

but you know what? i felt good.

well, not really good good. i won't feel that for awhile. but, it felt good to be really working out, getting my heart pumping, doing something physically challenging. which, honestly, is why i kept going. i kept thinking, if i can run a marathon, i can do this.

and i did finish. i plan to do the same tomorrow.


  1. i am hoping i'll be able to run after a few weeks of recovery. i had a lot of knee pain the last time i was "starting to run" again (nearly a year ago). i'm hoping that was just due to my really old pair of tennis shoes and no major issues to speak of. i'm planning to run the mini next may, so.....hopefully....

  2. Good for you! THat's so great!!!

  3. Hey girlie.....I would love for you to host a giveaway for the business. That would be awesome. E-mail me about it when you have a

  4. I'm sorry I never got back with you yet about taking pictures. We should be around at Christmas and I'd love to take some pictures for you guys! Just let me know when you'll be in town if you're still interested. :)