Friday, August 26, 2011

happy birthday, pretty princess!

my pretty princess,

today you are two. i can hardly believe it. when i woke up this morning, i was thinking about where i was two years ago – at the birth center holding my brand new baby girl, the one who made a dramatic entrance into the world. and my heart. but, i'm sure by the time you read this letter, you'll have heard that story more times than we can count.

you've grown a lot in the last year. i'm not sure if it's because you're a girl, or because you have an older brother to mimic, but your verbal skills blow me away. you've been speaking in sentences for several months (though, at first they were certainly short sentences) and i've never heard you confuse “i” and “me.” luke and you both have a big vocabulary, and sometimes the things you say make me laugh.

a few weeks ago, we were choosing a veggie tales dvd to watch. you picked lyle the kindly viking. when i confirmed it's what you wanted, you replied yaaa. i asked, ava, are you a viking? your reply? no, i ava!

you are a fantastic eater. about 10 months ago, we had our friend miss kelly over for dinner. we were eating pasta, bread and broccoli. you started verbally requesting more while signing, but we weren't sure what you wanted more of. we asked if you wanted pasta? no. bread? no. finally, your little voice rang out bro-wee. the three of us big people looked at each other in amazement. what 14-month-old asks for more broccoli?! obviously, you did.

you out-eat luke at many meals, but are not a large, overweight toddler. in fact, at your two-year well visit with dr. cooper, you weighted 27.3 lbs (59%) and are almost 35 inches tall (72%)! your favorite foods are peanut butter sandwiches, carrots, broccoli, fruit of almost any kind, and chick-fil-a (though luke has taught you to be scared of the person in the cow costume).

you love to play games. if daddy and i can make something into a game, you are quite happy. today at the grocery store, you were pretty grumpy, whining and crying because i wouldn't let you have your way. in a funny voice, i started saying, ava, you're driving me....bananas! you immediately began cackling. again, mommy! again! even an older man who passed us on the aisle realized that the game made you a much happier little girl.

you love to run and chase with luke, though he tends to play a little rougher than you can handle right now. but, you'll do your best to keep up with him. you're learning to kick a ball, which will allow you to play with him even more. you also like for luke to be happy. i don't want you to always feel its your responsibility to make him happy, but it is sweet to see you sharing your toys, even when he's whining. miss suzanne brought you a balloon for your birthday. you loved it! and so did luke. he stood to the side of the room crying because you had the balloon, so after a few minutes, you went to him, handed him the balloon and gave him a hug. you love your big brother, ava.

you'll be a wonderful big sister! your baby that aunt linda gave you for christmas last year is one of your favorite toys. you sleep with her, push her in the stroller, give her a bottle and her woobie. and, even occasionally spank her. as long as you don't spank your baby brother, i think we'll be okay!

at the beginning of the year, i started to teach luke to memorize bible verses. after our first verse (eph. 6:1-2), we realized you were learning the verses, too, even though you could barely talk! so far, you've memorized eph 6:1-2, john 3:16, prov. 4:23 and we're working on eph 4:32. you love it! daddy and i hope to instill within you and luke both a love for God's word. i pray for you, my sweet girl, that you will truly be a woman of wisdom, as your name implies. that you will delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night (psalm 1). that God would see fit to use you to bring much glory and honor to his name. ava, daddy and i love you so much.

it is a joy to be your mommy. i love you!


  1. i love this post. it resonates with me in so many ways. sure wish our kiddos could know each other! i'll be praying for continued health for both you and babe. so thankful for this blogging world and how it helps us to stay connected. =) do send our "hello" to the hubby.