Saturday, September 17, 2011

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom

i have seriously. he got up with the kids this morning so i could leisurely get ready for the day without a little person hanging on my leg, narrating my movements ("mommy do make-up! mommy do make-up!).

and then! he sent me to starbucks! alone!

there was a time i frequented starbucks. it was my favorite place to write, to work on my bible study, to meet students. ten years, one husband and 2.5 kids later, i'm not always sure what to do when i get here. its a little foreign to me to order a drink AND pull up a chair. my typical starbucks run now includes a drive-thru.

it's been a busy month at our place. and, the october calendar is filling up even faster. [for all three of my dallas readers, we're coming to visit at the end of the month!] i wish I could figure out time during the day to write more consistently here, to record for posterity the ins and outs of our days, but for now this will have to do :) (Michael wrote about our recent camping trip, if you want to read about it.)

my sister becks (do you mind if I spell it that way?) has been know to say that sharing "confessions" is the best way to get to know someone. so, in her honor, here are my confessions of a stay-at-home mom. with two children three and under.

don't judge.

1) going to the pool occasionally counts as a bath. i KNOW.

2) tomato sauce on a pizza is definitely a veggie. i strive to get two veggies a day into my little people (one at lunch, one at dinner). it's a bonus if one is green.

3) i don't usually get up before the kids. at least not by much. they're learning to sleep in (7:45 is our current norm) and its heavenly. maybe some of my need for sleep is due to the baby. maybe i just like to sleep :)

4) i l.o.v.e. having luke (3) and ava (2) at home. most of the time. we've intentionally chosen not to put them in formal preschool this year. but, i do sometimes struggle with envy toward my friends who can run errands alone. eat an uninterrupted lunch with a friend. go to the bathroom alone. it's the little things, people. and then, i (try to) remind myself this is only a season. and a beautiful one at that.

5) if you see my children in public and they are well-behaved, please tell me you noticed. parenting young children is exhausting and i often wonder if i'm doing okay.

so, there you have it. my confessions. your turn!


  1. I totally agree with numbers 1 and 2. We're lucky to get one veggie in a day.

    My confession: I sleep in sometimes (sleeping in means only if all the kids sleep in and it's gotten better now that it stays dark later. It's usually around 7:00). Then the kids watch videos on you - tube while I shower. They watch kids videos - like nursery rhymes, alphabet songs, Christian kids's songs, etc. My daughter is 4 1/2 and she can click on the videos once one is done. They also sometimes get to play kids games on the xoom (like an ipad). Sometimes it's nice to have some quiet. :)

  2. Yea for a quiet morning and a fun post!! :)

    I knew the first confession was going to be on here... and I still laughed outloud when I read it! :) haha I support it.

    #3... support it as well. No matter how old you are or how much there is to do... getting up before 7 should be avoided as much as possible. So, again, I support this.

    Your children are VERY well behaved. Take it from someone who sees kids 5 days a week who are not the disciplined type. they are more of the "I rule this world" type... So well done sister... seriously. Well done. I cannot use the phrase "obedience the first time" but I have been known to modify your phrase into "Listen the first time" or "Follow directions the first time."

    becks is new for me... i have grown fond of bex. but if you like becks, go for it. i'm open to all forms of spelling it. ;)

    ps I enjoyed these confessions. :)

  3. I agree with all of them. I pretty much do those as well. I have school envy too. And I rarely get up before my kids and I don't have a pregnancy excuse so I think you are doing a great job.

  4. if only I had a pool....I would get more baths.:)

  5. Don't worry, someday you'll make up for the sleeping in the mornings.....eventually your body refuses to sleep much past enjoy it now....and enjoy your little people because you all turned into older people way too quickly, just ask your parents!! Love you. Have a great day! Barb

  6. I do none of these things...
    My children are perfect and our lives reflect this.

  7. love your definitely don't make it to starbs enough these's been my fall commitment to hit it at least 3 fridays/month while my kiddos are at moms morning out. like you, i oftentimes feel more lost there now, than i ever remember feeling 10 years ago. but the smell alone brings back such sweet memories!

    and...though i've only been around your sweet children once, i was AMAZED...yes at them, but even moreso at how natural of a mother you are. a joy to be around. good work!

  8. Thanks and blessings on you, Katherine, for the sacrifice you make to mother those two adorable kids.

    Grandma to the 2.