Tuesday, November 10, 2009

blueberries and more

while you wait for me to finish my birthday letter to luke, i thought i'd share a few photos from the last several weeks.

blueberry pancakes are a big hit...as you can tell.

here's our princess chillin' in the double stroller while everyone else went ga-ga over the planes flying overhead.

the birthday cupcake. you can probably tell, but it was a bigger hit than the blueberry pancakes.

a fabulous birthday gift for a boy who loves cars. he thinks he should be able to drive it on the busy street in front of our house. it didn't go over well when i told him he had to stay on the sidewalk next to me. note the trunk rigged in the back. that's so he can carry his books and trucks with him. and he does...

luke and superman at our church's fall fest. isn't the curly-que fabulous? superman's mom is pretty fabulous, and creative, too.

one of our more recent family photos, also from the church fall fest. aren't we all cute?

sleeping beauty miss ava, doing what she does best!

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